4 Tips To Simply Plan For Shabbat

Who doesn’t love shopping?! I’m talking about groceries and housekeeping kinda shopping. Anyone? Anyone? Well I for one LOVE shopping for shabbat. It is exhausting but so worth it. When shabbat is coming I personally get so excited about what new things I can make for dinner (FYI I hardly cook) and I look on Pinterest like crazy for easy desserts and foods. I don’t always have time to make Challah but every Wednesday I tell myself, ‘Yes I can make Challah,Food, cool desserts and clean the house for us and our 20 guests, No Problem!’

I mean it guys, I feel like superwoman on Wednesdays thinking I can do it all! ben-white-124388-unsplashPhoto by Ben White 

Let’s be real, I get maybe 1 dessert and the house cleaned and I am tapped out. I think its because Wednesday and Thursday I think and think then Friday morning I wake up like I was late for work because I never did anything! AHHH!

I normally wouldn’t be considered a procrastinator but it’s hard to get in a groove of things when every Shabbat is different for us. One week we are with friends and the next with my family in another state or just the two of us.

I wanted to make a easy go-to guide for your overall checklist for Shabbat dinner. Then make yourself a note to look at this plan on Wednesdays NOT Fridays. And when I am talking about you, I actually mean me. Lol  

First thing Where are you eating Shabbat dinner?


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If you are going to another’s home, BRING SOMETHING!.

It’s kind to bring something over even if they tell you to only bring yourself! Any opportunity to give you should take it!

Second thing How many guest will be there?

If it’s at your home remember, it is a beautiful mitzvot to have guests over and to provide Kiddish for those who are in need. So if you are like me always plan an extra 2 people!

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This is the most fun for me when preparing for Shabbat dinner because there is no other feeling than having a beautiful gathering with old friends and new friends to partake in one of the oldest of traditions to honor the beginning. B’H we have Shabbat!

If you are going over to another’s then don’t be afraid to ask how many people are coming so you know exactly how much wine to bring or dessert to make. (You can never go wrong with bringing wine!)

Third thing Create your shopping list for everything but food.

unnamed (5)

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I know it sounds nuts to not put food first but for me, but hear me out… if I first do the food then I am so focused on that SO I don’t give enough attention to the cleaning products I need to get for the house. If you are going to have dinner at your friends or families house it is still a good idea to cleaning your house thoroughly since it is a huge mitzvot to prepare for the inviting of Shabbat in your home. 

Ask yourself if there are any cleaning supplies you need such as…

  • Toilet cleaners
  • Scrubbers (also the ones you use on Shabbat if  you use to clean your dishes)
  • Windex
  • Vacuum bags 
  • Trash bags (We use tons on Shabbat B’H) ect.

Also, for me the paper items are in this list

  • tissue paper for the restroom,
  • paper towels (DON’T FORGET TO RIP THEM BEFORE SHABBAT) or maybe just get a lot of napkins if you don’t think you will have time.

    Don’t forget items like…

    • Aluminum Foil
    • Plastic Ware
    • One Time Use Aluminum Deep Pans.

The Dollar Store or Family Dollar is a great place to start if you wanna save on some $$$

Fourth thing

Write you food list. For me, this is the hardest hardest thing to do. I always look up fancy, complicated and crazy recipes and then look and the ingredients… Sometimes I don’t even know what items are let alone how to find them as Kosher.

My Favorite Roast Beef  recipe is so easy and the directions are easy to follow! If you are to busy to cook then this is the best recipe I have found and it feeds lots!! You can find many delicious options on Pinterest

The Best and super fast dessert is Adaptable Sabbat Torte GettyImages-642116533-583a76e85f9b58d5b1fe670cI make mine with apples on top and everyone always enjoys and it only took me 5 minutes!

I make a large pie instead of individual pies in my round glass pan and its great because the flavor is not sweet and perfect for after dinner.

Photo from www.thespruceeats.com

I almost forgot! My husband is in love with my famous (Its only famous to us lol) Avocado/Guacamole Salad we have during lunch on Shabbat as a side.Guacamole  Servings=3-5  Time=5min   Difficulty=Easy

3 Avocados
1 Whole Lime
2 Jalapenos
1 Tablespoon of salt

Using a knife cut the avocados long ways and take out the seed and then squeeze the edible part into a medium size bowl. Chop both jalapenos into tiny cubes and add to bowl. Cut the limes in half and squeeze juice out. Don’t let the seeds fall in. Then add your salt to taste and you should feel it when you are eating it.

**If you have a Shabbat dinner like us with Fish and Meat then it’s a good idea not to have ‘dairy free mac n’ cheese’ for example, as a side when there is meat on the table because you would not want your guests to second guess your food and kitchen if you have observant friends over. Even if you know it is all “Kosher”.**


This may seem like a lot to do every week but it is so rewarding. I have the unique opportunity to see what it’s like without Shabbat because I converted almost 4 years ago and let me tell you that Shabbat is the greatest gift Hashem gave me. Especially now with the world we live in! Our whole lives are go go go and no “stopping to smell the flowers”  or the reverse and you smell the flowers for to long and become lazy. I feel that Shabbat helps us find balance in our lives to give us a chance to reset ourselves.

I hope you find these tips as helpful and if you think I forgot anything please leave a comment!

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