Can You Workout AND Be Tznius?

When I was in the conversion process realized I stopped working out! I mean, how I was suppose to do lunges or even run in a long skirt?

After a lot of research on workout skirts, I was still skeptical on wither I was going to be able to fully workout but I felt I didn’t have a choice. I needed to order a skirt with leggings attached because giving up on my new tzniut style was not an option. I had no idea where to look and was gaining some weight and my sciatic nerve was killing me just by walking and therefore I was not able to clean and prepare for Sabbaths and go out with friends like I use to. I was not ok with that!

Long story short… I was in an accident, crushed my nerve and if I workout and build my muscle then I can do things longer like walking, cleaning, cooking ect…

I found a skirt from ModLi online that I have wore now for 2 years and still looks new! The material is like a bathing suit so it is slippery and the skirt is loose and doesn’t constrict my legs!

I have to be honest, I wasnt sure it would work for me and I was being lazy so my amazing husband surprised me and bought them! He knew I was having a hard time working out (as in I didnt workout) and it finally pushed me to the gym.


I have gone to the regular gym for 2 years and Pilates (on the reformer machine) for 8-months and my skirt from ModLi is perfect and allows me to move without issue and now I have gained my strength back to do the better things in life!

Now, how do you cover your hair so the hat doesn’t slide off and can withstand the sweat you ask?


Just like the picture above, I found at Walmart a hair cover for like $1.50! It is very thin and washable. I put my hat on top so my hair doesn’t show! (The hat is honestly so I dont stand out so bad lol) It is confortable and more importantly I am TZNIUS!

My hair is to the middle of my back so very long but also thin. I am able to put it in a FLAT bun and slide the cap on. I know a lot of women have thick gorgeous hair and I would suggest try a SPEEDO CAP (since they are very snug) and then you can put a hat on top. You dont need anything fancy since you are only going to sweat in it anyways.

For my shirt I wear a long tank with a large quarter shirt that covers just past my elbows found really at any clothing store. Mine was from Puma you can see the photo below.

Puma ShirtMake sure the sleeves are long enough to cover your elbows so I recommend trying the store or going with a long sleeve.
Puma Workout Shirt
I was so embarrassed at first that I would not “fit-in” with the other women and “blend-in”. I stood out like a sore thumb! After a lot of support from my husband and friends I realized they are right, it doesn’t matter what I am wearing or what others think. Why was I going to the gym or to workout in the first place? TO BE HEALTHY. TO BE STRONG. TO LOSE WEIGHT. 

Once I overcame my ridiculous thoughts trying to prevent me from being healthy just because I dressed tzniut, I had an amazing transformation! I am so happy and feel so good about myself and my determination in all aspects of my life and I think working out has everything to do with it.

Recently I decided I am going to make workout a lifestyle. Before it was all about the goal to loose so much weight for a wedding or vacation but it was becoming harder and harder to loose the weight each time I gained it back. I guess thats age… Now I want to always feel good and be healthy and strong. I am working on the best way to challenge myself everyday through cardio, Pilates, food to get my mindset into lifestyle mode.

I hope you all find the courage to not let anything stop you from following your heart. You CAN be observant and live a healthy life the way you want. There is nothing wrong with working out at home but that wasn’t an option for me. Plus trying Pilates for the first time has been a life changer for me and you should start also. Don’t wait and get in your own head. Own your life and strive to be the best you can be!

GymThis is me Ready for Pilates 

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