6 Things To Stock Up On For Shabbat

Picking new flowers for Shabbat always gets me excited to clean. Between work and Pilates, grocery shopping and house cleaning, I still have not learned how to prepare for shabbat a couple days in advance. A few things about me is I don’t cook very often but Hashem gave me the greatest man with professional cooking skills! B’H! I am slowly slowly learning how to cook because my issue isn’t really the food because I can follow a recipe, it’s more like like portions confuse me and storage and don’t get me started on reheating! It’s all very confusing…

I have found that the details on Shabbat are so important for you and your family. When Shabbat starts you cant just run to the store if you forgot the milk. Making sure you have stock in a few items will simplify your preparations.

  1. Coffee and Teablog-photos-1961
  2. Tissue in bathrooms
  3. Light Bulbs
  4. Candles and Lighter
  5. Grape Juice or Wine for Kiddush
  6. Napkins/Paper Towels (Ripped up)

The light bulbs were a surprise to us also but because we leave on our bathroom or closet lights through Shabbat, they run out a lot faster than I was use to.

I find going to the stores that sell in bulk like Costco or Sams Club can save you a lot of time every week and you have more time to focus on your food prep and cleaning every week. I always like to tell my non-Jewish family or friends that Shabbat is like preparing for Thanksgiving every week. It is amazing and such a blessing to have Shabbat to refocus your attention to what matters.

So remember Shabbat can seem overwhelming at first but it doesn’t have to be! With practice and patience you will find that Shabbat is a huge blessing you have been giving to keep. Its important to review all the law pertaining to Shabbat such as the 39 Melachot


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