Jewish Gift Basket

I have always been that one friend who goes all out for everyone’s birthday! I have a motto that life is hard and full of trials and tests so when you have have an opportunity to celebrate then take advantage! Growing up is going to happen whether you celebrate or not. SO have a party or put in the time to put together a gift for your loved ones.

Now is my brother-in-laws hebrew birthday and I have convinced my husband my motto is the way to go about birthdays so he planned a beautiful surprise party for his brother. They have a regular Shiur lesson on thursday nights so he was able to push the class to motzash. He rented out a clubhouse from a friends apartment complex and we have a friend in the community that has a restaurant so he came out to make Sushi! We had a DJ and a photographer!
We hired a local photographer from thumbtack. These are the top things we added to our party was bullet point. Bullet point and explain in further detail on how we know them and how great he was.

My brother-in-law thought he was going to do Shiur in our friend’s apartment and when he walked in we screamed MAZAL TOV!!! There was at least 30 of us and he was so happy I think i almost saw a tear LOL but he was very surprised. We celebrated till late and no one felt the time go by because we were all so joyous.. My husband really pulled it off and this is an example of just celebrating whenever you can because those are the memories and the older you get the easier it is to forget about yourself so try to remember your friends and family for their sake. It’s an incredible feeling to give! You should try it!!

Snapchat-810208933Now we are after Shabbat and I wanted to get my brother-in-law a thoughtful gift. He always has guests over for Shabbat and it’s only him and his girlfriend at home so I thought of something that could be useful from him. I went to a super cute Jewish store called Jumbo Judaica and bought this beautiful Mayim Achronim Set. You can’t buy the set from the site but if you want to order it then just email or call the store and they are so kind and helpful to get you what you’re looking for. They happened to have this gorgeous set available at the store when I arrived. To go with the theme, I got five Zemirot (Attach the definition) and a leather bound book with the bracha (Attach the definition) for Kiddush (Attach the definition)
I received the Mayim achronim set in a box that was very simple and kind of torn up so I came up with a plan that would let me show the set put together when I gave the gift.
So I went to the family dollar store and found a beautiful basket in the home decor section for $10!! I actually bought two because I wanted one to hold my produce at home.
Since I needed to fill it with more items I just got two hand towels for $1 each and a pack of six washcloths for $1.50 and two chocolate bars. You gotta have chocolate in your gifts to put a sweet touch!
At home I had tissue paper already and candles from bath and body works I had reserved for presents. I bought them on sale a couple months ago and I picked one that I adore! It’s called Leaves Single Wick Candle which i typically have the 3-wick lit in my home.
I can’t wait to surprise him with the present tonight!
With help from Hashem may you all have the ability to spoil those around you when the opportunity comes. Shavua Tov!



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