Listen up! I have wanted a yorkie for about 9years and I have prayed and prayed. B’H It has happened after several dreams and hard work, I now have Harley.

A beautiful Harley1Yorkie and she is 10 weeks old today! She is going in for her second round of shots this week and I cannot believe I am responsible for this little girl!

First off all, puppies are no joke! I want to raise her right and to be the best puppy for my husband and I along with our future children BzH. Therefore, I have looked at several sites for how to raise your puppy and train her right. It takes so much patience and to keep a light heart. I keep remembering that she is like a baby so her running up and down me and yipping when we leave her along and not knowing commands yet can be very tiring.

First with potty training, I have found that if you fill their entire area with puppy pads and only the leave the blanket on bed alone then the puppy will grow accustom to only peeing when on the pads. Then slowly slowly you will remove one at a time and this will take several of weeks before you have only one pad in place!

When your puppy pees in a place you do not wish, don’t scream and yell or rub their nose in it. Just simply clean it up and do a better job next time of teaching your puppy where you want them to go like adding more pads down. Also, a time out does not teach them. It will only prolong the process of training.

See, I have learned quite a bit lol

That is pretty much the step I am at and also the biting on clothes and fingers. You are suppose to keep your hand or item where it is and shout ‘OUCH’ and right when they stop you praise them! It seems like its working so far and its only been one night. Harley

Let me know if you have any comments or suggestions because I am always up to take advice.



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